Globe connected to servers

Focused and Accelerated Performance

While most are content with run-of-the-mill, we ensure that we always go above and beyond. Our systems boast the next-generation in PowerEdge servers, each engineered to deliver peerless performance with flexibility and scalability in mind. Our servers feature:

  • Enhanced processors with brilliant engineering to ensure we continue to lead.
  • Amazing local off-server backups with true specialized SSD capabilities.
  • Each server and storage solution is optimized to match your specific workload.
High quality hard drive

Full Management Suite

Here at Christian Web Host we work tirelessly to ensure customers are delivered a top-of-the-line, superior customer experience. Each server, drive, and backup solution goes through extensive testing to ensure longevity, compatibility, and flexibility - with testing like this, nothing is left to chance:

  • Full scale and redundant Veeam backups performed at the base level and done to shorten backup windows and reduce space concerns. We pride ourselves on our scalable technology to safeguard customer peace of mind.
  • Tactically driven analysis and server level reporting allows for quicker reporting of issues and resolution. Christian Web Host strives for efficiency to stay ahead of problems and assuage risks.
  • Our tailored network meets rigorous standards to maintain accounts. Our streamlined operations boost output through power management based on intelligent hardware drive systems architecture.
Row of servers

Pro Growth Platforms

Maintain your vision on scalable, flexible systems tailored for a wide range of options, each according to your needs and schedule. Here is how:

  • Introducing virtualization solutions has enabled Christian Web Host servers to reduce challenges by simplifying server management, streamlining operations, and securing all IP and data.
  • Our storage options were developed with ease-of-use in mind. Each step from creation, maintenance, to scalability have been taken into consideration.
High speed solid state hard drives

SSD Hard Drives

Zero moving parts establishes high-speed and flash-based storage to deliver unmatched performance.