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5 Beautiful Christian Wedding Songs That Will Make Your Ceremony Perfect

5 Beautiful Christian Wedding Songs
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A wedding is such an important landmark in a couple’s journey. All the time planning and preparing doesn’t compare to the actual ceremony where vows are exchanged, and hearts are connected as one.

Music is an integral part of the ceremony and Christians always want to celebrate the spirit of the Lord during sacred moments through music selection. To put that Holy Spirit in your step, we have curated a list of memorable Christian wedding songs for your special day.

The Procession

The procession is an essential moment during a Christian wedding. The entire wedding party walks down the aisle and takes their place by the altar. The bride gets escorted down the aisle by her father while the groom waits lovingly at the altar.

For this occasion, you need a Christian wedding song that speaks to the heart of marriage: honor, compassion, and love.

“Wedding Song (There is Love),” Sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary

This song is a great choice for the wedding procession because it combines the idea of marriage with praise and worship. The song was first performed at the wedding of one of the group members, Peter Yarrow, in 1969.

The song was officially released in 1971 and became a Billboard hit. The following year, singer Petula Clark re-recorded the song. No matter what version you choose to use, the song will set the mood with heartwarming lyrics about two souls joining together as one under God.

“The Lord’s Prayer,” Sung by Andrea Bocelli featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

This moving tribute by the Italian Tenor was released in 2009 on his album titled “My Christmas.” A prayer is the best way to bless a Christian marriage and the Lord’s Prayer is the most iconic hymn. As a Christian wedding song, especially during the procession, it will evoke feelings of reverence for guests.

“Alla Luce Del Dio,” Sung by Mark Magnuson

“Alla Luce del Dio” is an Italian phrase meaning “The light of God.” It is also the name of an acoustic song played by guitarist Mark Magnuson. The song is featured on his 2006 album, “Acoustic Weddings.” Couples looking for an earthy and sentimental Christian wedding song will enjoy this melody.

The Recessional

After the exchange of sacred vows, rings, and a shared kiss, the couple is now one before God and man. The newlyweds make their way down the aisle first, followed by their wedding party. Now is a good time to play one of your favorite Christian wedding songs to cement your union.

“I Will Be Here,” Sung by Steven Curtis Chapman

This ballad by Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman is one of his most popular songs from his “More to This Life” album. At four minutes and 30 seconds long, it’s the perfect length for the recessional. It’s also a testament to the power of love and a reminder that even if the couple requires a little Christian marriage help down the road, the spouses are dedicated to sticking it out through the good times and bad.

“I Promise,” Sung by Jaci Velasquez

Singer Jaci Velasquez released this song on her 1996 debut album, “Heavenly Place.” The contemporary Christian song features lyrics that all Christian couples can relate to as they enter their new life.

The Best Christian Wedding Songs

Our collection of songs is just a helpful resource for brides and grooms planning their big day.

We understand the mood music creates at a special event. For Christians, a wedding is not just a celebration of their love but also a time for praise and worship. These Christian wedding songs are meant to inspire couples as they prepare for their new life. Visit our website to learn more and contact us with any questions!