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6 Daily Habits for Living a Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

As 18 million adults now report that they use some kind of meditation regularly, it’s never been easier to live a spiritual life. Look around your circle of friends or colleagues and you’ll surely find other people interesting in living a spiritual life. If you’re interested, there are simple ways to bring these practices into your routine.

Some kind of meditation or mindfulness practice has positive effects on people with anxiety or PTSD. Even making time for some positive habits can clear out the mental space that might otherwise be cluttered with frustrations. Reflection can lead to relaxation.

If you’re interested in living a spiritual life and have space in your daily routine, you could make a few changes to improve life drastically. Here are 6 daily habits that are proven to help your emotional and spiritual well-being.

1. Set A Morning Intention

Before you even get out of your bed, set one positive intention to start your day. It c

an be as specific as you like, as in being kind to a friend, or grandiose as giving light to everyone you cross paths with.

If you aim to fill your day with ease and grace, you can begin with the kind of positivity and honesty that will help you reflect light into the day.

Be open and honest with yourself in your intention and you’ll build good spiritual energy. If you’re struggling with positivity, make your intention to hand your day over to a joyful service of others. Let yourself be part of something constructive in work, at school, or at home.

2. Make Space To Meditate

Even for people who claim to meditate regularly, they might find it hard living a spiritual life with the pressures of a job or family. If you’re struggling with a budget, tough family issues, or anything personal, you have one thing: time. Give a little

bit of that back to yourself.

Make time for meditation. Twenty minutes is all that you need. If you can find it in the middle of your day, before it gets dark out, you’ll be better off.

Take this opportunity to silently affirm yourself that you’re part of something bigger. Stay centered through a stressful situation by repeating your mantra.

Find a phrase that resonates with you. It can even be a series of sounds that’s all your own. Let it be unique and connected to nothing else in your life.

This is your special key to relaxation and inner peace.

3. Connect To Nature

When you’re out in nature, you realize that connection to the rest of the world. Depending on where you live, you might be able to access nature on a daily basis. Even just taki

ng your lunch under a tree in the park could be all that you need.

You become part of a cycle, watching nature all around you. You can feel an instant level of peace and feeling of being alive. You can be in awe of creation or simply silent, enjoying the sun and air.

Take the time to watch things happen. If you have time during a lunch break at work, find a little piece of beauty that’s all your own and let it reflect back to you.

4. Show Gratitude

Giving thanks allows you to have perspective. You can see how people or institutions have positively impacted your life. It helps you listen to your heart and become more compassionate.

Whether you thank God or you simply thank the nature around you for existing, be thankful for something. Not everyone gets the opportunity to see the nature you get to see, know the people that you know, or be loved the way that you’re loved.

Life throws many challenges at us, but nothing feels quite as nice as giving sincere thanks.

5. A Prayer of Affirmation

When you’re living a spiritual life, you’re constantly in flux. Every life is in motion as we grow, we change, and things beyond our control change. What can help us to stay centered is to affirm ourselves or the world around us.

Pay attention to how all of these pieces intertwine and build your prayer in a way affirming the direction of everything. What has happened and what is set to happen is part of a powerful continuum of life. We can either get in the way or learn how to navigate.

Try making time for a daily Lenten devotional if you celebrate Lent.

An affirmative prayer allows us to be grateful. We can be thankful that we are provided for and that the people around us allow us to exchange gratitude. If we believe that every action and every moment contributes to the overall greater good, an affirmative prayer will give us continuity on a daily basis.

6. Loosen Your Grip To Enjoy Each Moment

If you’re able to let go, you can begin to trust the world around you and build faith in it. While there will be moments that test our trust, overall, we’re all committed to making life better for those around us.

Should we focus too tightly on trying to control those moments, we will fail to enjoy our lives. Life is made up of lots of repetitive and mundane tasks that might cause us to tune out. Rather than attending to some other mental duty, stay in each moment and give it 100% of your thoughts.

Being present is the greatest gift we can give each other. Do it enough and you might see it gives back to you too.

Living a Spiritual Life Is Simple But Takes Effort

With just a little bit of effort, living a spiritual life is possible for all of us. No matter who or what you believe in, your spiritual life is all your own. Give in to the beauty of the world and it will come back to you tenfold.

If you’re interested in finding more ways to be reflective in your daily life, contact us for tips.