Christianity: Expectations vs Reality

Christianity expectations vs reality

Sometimes in life, our expectations can outshine the reality of a situation. When was the last time you ordered a new iPhone, waiting in line to get it after months of expectation about how it’s going to change your life?

For the first week, even the first month, the phone might indeed live up to expectation. But after a while it becomes commonplace, you don’t even realize the benefits anymore.

It’s hard not to think that this is a lesson God wanted us to learn and a mistake that we shouldn’t make too often.

For we should be grateful for everything in our lives. Greed and materialism can only lead to unhappiness and a life that doesn’t meet God’s expectations of us.

Here are Christianity expectations vs reality.

Expectations of Christianity

Just like the new iPhone, we have high expectations of Christianity. We think that by praying every day, attending church services and making sure we do one good deed every now and then, our lives will be more fulfilled. We also might have high expectations of God’s to reward us.

But the reality is that God does not want you to serve him for your own interests. Meeting arbitrary quotas for good deeds playing an active role in the Christian community or reading your bible cover-to-cover does not guarantee you a nice life where you and your relatives are spared pain and suffering and are rewarded with happiness.

You should attend Church because you are a true believer and want to connect with God. And you should show kindness by doing good deeds because you recognize the value of compassion and in helping others.

Managing Frustration

It can be frustrating to anyone who’s a Christian, but particularly to those who have recently converted, that they don’t see instant improvements in their every day lives. There is often a disconnect of faith vs reality where reality does not live up to our notions of faith.

The real test, however, comes when something awful happens in your life. Perhaps a family member has died or you or your partner has lost their job meaning you have now got to downsize and sell many prized assets.

At these times, many people begin to question why God is letting bad things happen to them. It is a question which is difficult to answer but one that your local pastor or vicar should help you with.

They will probably conclude that as hard as it is to accept, God has a plan for all of us. And since we haven’t reached the end of our lives, it is impossible to know what this plan is.

Our Relationship With God

Remember that, although we like to think our relationship with God is personal and unique, in fact, God looks after so many billions of people, we have no idea how sacrifices within our lives could align with His plans for others.

Just as Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for the good of others, so too might God be asking the same of you. We can only accept the path that is laid out before us and try to make the best of it, living at all times by the values and example set by Jesus himself.

It is only when we get to Heaven that we can answer those questions. Indeed, the Book of Revelation tells us our judgment is coming, stating that:”…whilst the sea gave up the dead who were in it..and each person was judged according to what they had done.”

Christianity Expectations vs Reality: Expectations of the Church

Just as there are expectations for our relationship with God, there can also be a lot of expectations about how belonging to a church community can enrich our lives.

It can sometimes be disappointing to people when they join a church that it is not always full of people acting selflessly and greeting new members with open arms. Like any other community, it can have good elements and bad elements.

Equally, different generations and different churches interpret the bible differently. You might not always agree with them but the people who attend church services are as human as you are.

It is clear that you might not always get along with the people in your church and that different churches will have different vibes. Understanding this is important so that you can choose the right church community for you.

But, it is important to keep our expectations balanced. Whilst a good church can provide community, guidance, and companionship in times of trouble, no amount of advice can solve all of our problems nor can the pastor spend all of his time on your problems.

A church should be a healthy community for its members but not an all-encompassing clique or cult that does not tolerate differences in opinion or beliefs.

Have Faith

Sometimes having inflated expectations about our life in general and about the Church can leave us feeling deflated. When thinking about Christianity expectations vs reality, it can even cause our faith to wane.

It is important that you do not let this happen by managing your expectations about the Church. Whilst it is a wonderful thing to be a member of a Church, remember attending regularly will not resolve all your problems.

The Church is one aspect of Christianity. In fact, your relationship with God is a life long contract that requires standing strong through the many twists and turns in your life.

Talking about our feelings is a good way of managing our frustration and one way of doing this is by creating a website or a blog to express your thoughts on God. If this is the case, then we might be able to help. We have a website hosting service that might be of use to you. Get in touch today