How to Decide on a Wedding Theme

wedding theme

Every wedding has to have its memorable wedding theme to sell the whole event. It’s no wonder that anyone would stress over the details, big and small, considering that a wedding might be the most important day of a lifetime.

The biggest advice we can provide up front is don’t wait too long to decide on a theme for your wedding or to book a venue. These kinds of bookings happen months and months in advance, so don’t miss out on an opportunity because of poor timing.

And you need to choose a theme before you decide if you’re booking a barn, a church, an arcade, or whatever venue suits your marriage. To get down to it, let’s look at some pointers on helping to choose your wedding theme.

Brainstorm Your Defining Characteristics

From 1920s Gatsby to traditional white with red roses, there are all kinds of themes to choose from. But first, you need to do some brainstorming.

Take a seat and break out the pad and pen to jot down aspects of your relationship you would like to showcase.

Are you and your future spouse both into traveling? Make your wedding diverse and international, including or highlighting photos from trips you’ve taken.

Are you both crazy for the sea? Maybe you both enjoy scuba diving or run a very Salt Life kind of life. Check to see if any aquariums have venues or event spaces up for booking. (This is a lot more common than you think!)

If you don’t have an immediate theme in mind, tell your guests the story of your relationship in some aspect. Is there a song that personifies your relationship you can create a theme around?

Or maybe your idea of the perfect ceremony is a popup wedding? Try WeddingIntro for more information on conducting a stellar popup wedding. The point here is you have to consider many variations to get your perfect day just right.

Choosing a Wedding Color Palette

Maybe you decided to skip a theme and go with a color palette instead. There are still plenty of details to think over! A color palette will set the tone for many components like invitations and table arrangements, so you have to be picky.

Sometimes, your favorite color just won’t cut it for something as elegant as a wedding ceremony. You should consider the season and what themed colors come with the time of year you’ve chosen to have your wedding.

Consider what time of day you’ll have your ceremony and what colors will complement bridesmaids gowns best (which will, in turn, highlight your dress). Let the time and season factor into your color palette if you’re going that route.

Pinterest Wedding Theme

If you’re not already an avid Pinterest fan, once you discover the dream wedding ideas on there, you’ll more than likely develop an obsession. The ideas are crafty and unique, and many times they’re pulled off on a minimal budget.

Consider a rustic barn theme with plenty of do-it-yourself items like mason jar chandeliers and crafty place settings. Then to book a barn venue, which might be more difficult than it sounds (but that’s why it’s important to book ahead of time).

Browse thousands of ideas and string together some of your favorite for a truly personalized and well-fashioned wedding.

Now to Make a Decision

Think about what it will feel like when you look back.

Besides the countless pictures and people, your wedding will remain long in your memory, so make it exceptional!

Have experience designing your own dream wedding? Let us know about it in the comments!