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10 Powerful Benefits of Spirituality for Millennials

benefits of spirituality

Spirituality in this day and age is definitely not what it used to be. We are living in a time when more and more people are not identifying with a specific religion.

Still, it’s beautiful to see how many millennials have found their way to faith.

Through traditional religious practices as well as things like worship concerts and international service trips, young people are becoming deeply rooted in their faith as they learn to navigate the modern world. The benefits of spirituality are evident in their everyday activities and as well in their future plans and aspirations.

Are you having trouble seeing this in the youth around you, or discovering spirituality as a millennial yourself?

Not to worry. Faith is at work everywhere, if only one is willing to look.

Here are ten things that can happen when a millennial discovers spirituality.

1. A Sense of Purpose

To have faith is to have trust in something much bigger than yourself.

That belief puts other things in perspective. When a millennial doesn’t know what their next step – in education, career, or relationships – is, they can still trust things will be okay.

They know that no matter what happens, they are a child of God and that is a powerful thing to realize. It reminds any young person that they are called to do great things and helps them listen to what the purpose of their path might be.

2. Guidance and Direction

It’s one thing to discover the purpose of your life, and another to know how to pursue it. This is where guidance and direction come in.

Being a spiritual person means being in tune to the signs God sends out.

It means knowing when to back away from certain relationships and when to not let others go. It also means having the courage to take on the right opportunities as they arise, and the wisdom to know which options aren’t worth entertaining.

3. Forgiveness

Although spirituality provides young people with plenty of direction, sometimes, bad choices are still made. That is why forgiveness is another one of the most noteworthy benefits of spirituality.

Understanding the beauty and depth of God’s forgiveness makes it easier to learn from and let go of the path. Millennials, and all other believers, are better able to give their hardships and faults up to the Lord for his grace.

4. The Tools to Mend Relationships

When someone develops a deep, intimate relationship with forgiveness from above, they are better able to practice forgiveness. Such a strength mends all kinds of personal relationships – especially the one an individual has with themselves.

More so, other benefits of spirituality like love and understanding can make relationships easier, too. These lessons of faith turn into lessons we can live out every day in our communities.

Forgiveness, love, and understanding can be practiced in the home, the workplace, and in day to day outings like trips to the grocery store or the beach. They become a part of the character of every millennial that is a believer.

5. Understanding and Acceptance

The grace with which millennials can foster relationships also becomes the strength they need in times of conflict and difficulty. In such situations, it appears as understanding and acceptance.

These are the benefits of spirituality that allow millennials to stand up for their faith. They are what guide young people into necessary conversations on everything from politics to human rights to poverty and service.

Understanding and acceptance can comfort young people too, should they ever feel attacked or judged for who they are.

6. A Spiritual Community

Speaking of comfort, when a young person joins the church, they are welcomed with open arms to an entire community of believers.

This becomes a strong pillar of faith for millennials to lean on and be active in.

A church’s community is more than a group with which to gather and worship. It is full of people to learn from, be in service to, have fun with, and maybe even fall in love with.

The community is both the encouragement of a person’s faith and their place to be an example for others.

It is where a new believer can learn about things like scripture and service, as well as where those who have practiced faith for years can learn new tools to strengthen their beliefs. Some tools may include things like joining a prayer group or a powerful thoughts meditation club.

7. A Global Perspective

In addition to the community a young person joins at their regular church, by growing in their faith, they become part of the global spiritual community. This helps millennials expand their global perspective.

When a person goes to church, they are likely to hear about various ways the church community at large works together. This may be through mission trips or donation drives, to give a few examples, but the global effects are still the same.

8. Support and Stability

Whether a young person feels called to go spread the good word throughout the world, or to live out their purpose at home, spirituality is always with them. This is where millennials can find balance and support in a world that is constantly changing.

No matter what the new trend is or the latest news says, faith is always there.

It offers all the benefits of spirituality mentioned above, and more, if only one takes a moment to welcome faith in their heart. This is a beautiful truth to know and practice when the rest of the world is navigating its ups and downs.

9. Hope and Love

Arguably, the most beautiful benefit of having faith is the ability to know the purest, most deep, unconditional love there is.

This is the foundation of faith and all things that stem from it – how much love God has for his people. It’s a kind of compassion that we can only hope to imitate, and even that is enough to get us through most things in life.

When we feel as though there is no hope, such love reminds us that hope is always available through faith.

10. A Deeper, More Fulfilled Enjoyment of Life

Whether a millennial is actively engaged in all the fruits of faith, or still working to see all the benefits of spirituality in their daily life, faith is at work.

It guides us in our journeys and inspires us to become better Christians as well as better people in anything we do. Faith also gives us gratitude and peace of mind, which one can never have too much of.

Combined, all the benefits create a life that is beautifully fulfilled in every way.

Identifying the Benefits of Spirituality in Yourself and Others

Spirituality may not be something we think about all the time, but it is always available to us. We simply have to be willing to enter into this intimate relationship with God and create space for Him in our lives.

It can be easier said than done. But, it must be done.

Millennials know this thanks to the guidance of the believers that have come before them. They will be the ones who guide others to faith as years go by.

If you or a loved one need a similar push back to God, click here for help.