80s Christianity Wedding Songs

10 Wonderful Christian Wedding Songs from the 80s and Beyond

Are you looking forward to a church wedding sometime soon? Congratulations! Did you know that 53% of the happiest couples agree that, “God is at the center of our marriage,”? Couples who attend church together on a regular basis are 35% less likely to divorce compared to those who don’t attend. There are so many ways […]

Christianity Wedding Ceremony

A Day to Remember: How to Hold a Gorgeous Christian Wedding Ceremony

Getting married soon? Don’t rush it! A proper wedding ceremony is important as this is the time to allow the couple’s family members and friends to witness and celebrate their union with them. For Christians, it’s important to allow God to witness and bless the marriage, as well. This is especially true in a world […]

Christianity Wedding Traditions

Guide: Christian Wedding Traditions and the Meaning Behind Them

In the US, there are over two million weddings per year where couples openly pledge their love and support to each other and forge a new life. These nuptials are a perfect opportunity for the happy couple to showcase their individual spiritual beliefs with Christian wedding traditions. What better way is there to show gratitude to your […]