8 Modern Christian Wedding Songs to Get People Moving at the Reception

christian wedding songs

For people of many faiths, marriage is a gift from God. The Christian faith celebrates marriage as a divine institution given to the people by God.

The institution of marriage celebrates God’s love for all His children.

Are you entering into a Christian marriage? Let your love and God’s shine through with the perfect Christian wedding songs.

The music at your reception should reflect your Christian values and love. Much of today’s music celebrates the darker side of life. But you can play pop and rock without sending a bad message.

Get your friends off their feet and dancing at the reception with these 8 modern Christian wedding songs.

Christian Rock Songs

Christian rock is a popular form of modern music. It combines the rhythm and instrumentals that make rock music popular. But it comes without the coarse and suggestive lyrics of much of today’s rock music.

There are lots of great Christian rock artists, so there’s a lot to choose from.

Christian Pop Music Songs

Pop means popular. So remember, these songs are for the reception, not the ceremony! There is lots of modern music that works well for the ceremony too.

Modern pop music features short songs with a strong beat. The lyrics are easy to remember and sing and this is what makes the music popular.

Christian pop is similar. But like Christian rock, it comes without the coarse lyrics popular in much of mainstream pop culture.

Like Christian rock music, there are lots of great artists and songs from which to choose.

Christian Country Music

Some of America’s greatest country singers are also Christian. Think Dolly Parton or Carrie Underwood! There are some fun-loving, fun-dancing tunes that are appropriate for a Christian wedding.

Some of the newer country-pop crossovers have lyrics you might not want at your wedding. Make sure you listen closely to the words before including any song at your reception.

Without further ado, here are eight great songs for your reception…

1. Cinderella

This charming Christian pop song by Steven Curtis Chapman is a classic for the father-daughter dance.

It’s a sweet song about a father’s relationship with his daughter through the years. He dances with her as a child at the “ball.” Then he helps her practice dancing for a date with a boy she likes.

The end of the song has the father and daughter dancing together in preparation for her wedding.

Be warned! There might not be any dry eyes at the reception after this daddy-daughter dance.

2. I Choose You – The Wedding Song

This pop song by Ryann Darling is a beautiful ballad to the love of your life. The lyrics are a beautiful Christian reflection on choosing a husband, but also choosing God.

The song is a testament to choosing each other, choosing God, and staying the course for “a hundred lifetimes.”

You can’t go wrong with this song for the First Dance for the bride and groom.

3. Write Your Story

This pop song by Francesca Battistelli gets everyone up on their feet. The catchy beat makes for a great dance tune.

The artist makes clever use of words straight from the Bible. She sings about God as the author of her story. She wants her story to be a legacy to God.

It’s a fun pop song your guests will love hitting the floor for.

4. Love Can Save It All

This pop song by Andra carries a deeper message. It’s about sticking with your partner “for better or for worse.” That’s a message your guests can get behind at your reception!

It’s nice when a serious message is wrapped in such upbeat music. This ballad-y pop tune is perfect for a wedding reception!

5. For Those Who Wait

This is a raw Christian rock song by Fireflight. It’s about struggle, purpose, and making it through with the help of God’s love.

It’s the perfect song to get your guests dancing! And the message is a good one. Keep fighting through and “…know there is a purpose for those who wait.”

6. Love Never Fails

This pretty little song by Brandon Heath is perfect for the couples at your reception. You’ve got a have a few slower songs!

This is a simple song celebrating the many virtues of love. And you’ll love it too! “Love is not proud, love does not boast, love after all, matters the most of all…”

7. Multiplied

This NEEDTOBREATHE rock tune is great for a wedding since it’s about surrendering to God’s mercy and love.

You’ll tap your feet to a great backbeat and sing along to the catchy tune. Enjoy the upbeat bridge in the middle that circles back to the chorus. T

Your guests will love this song.

8. I Can Only Imagine

This popular song by Christian country band MercyMe is sure to be a hit at your wedding.

The song was written by band member Bart Millard. He said it only took about 10 minutes to write as if he was watching someone else write it. He wrote the song about his dad after he died of cancer.

Millard’s father assured his son he was going to a better place when he died. Millard kept telling himself, “I can only imagine,” after his father was gone. Those words were a mantra that led to his hit song.

Most of your guests will know this beloved tune!

Great Christian Wedding Songs for Your Reception

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s a beautiful time to live your Christian values through the music you choose for your reception.

Don’t let your beautiful Christian day be marred by music filled with inappropriate lyrics and lewd suggestions. There are so many Christian wedding songs to choose from.

Pick the perfect songs for the First Kiss, First Dance, Cake Cutting and more! And rest knowing you’ve picked music that celebrates not only your love but God’s love too.

Don’t forget to run the music by your pastor. Some churches have strict rules when it comes to the music allowed inside the church.

Are you looking for more articles with good Christian advice? Peruse our blog here!

Top 10 Wedding Stories to Prepare You for Your Big Day

wedding stories

Fun fact: wedding and engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger because ancient Romans believed that there was a vein in the “ring finger” that went directly to the heart.

We have taken many wedding traditions from ancient Greek and Rome, and now we’ve started to create some for ourselves. The average couple spends approximately $33,000 on their wedding in the United States.

Weddings are often cited as the best day of the bride and groom’s lives, but it doesn’t come without stress.

Keep reading for the 10 best funny, disastrous and heartwarming wedding stories to get you excited (or to make you feel better) about your big day.

1. How Dare You Not Spend 3k On My Wedding

One bride-to-be gave her friends an ultimatum via a venomous Facebook post, giving them 3 more days to confirm going to her destination wedding invitation or she would delete them from Facebook.

Only 9 out of 150 invitees RSVP’d to pay $3000 to go to her wedding in Thailand, and when the couple moved the wedding to Hawaii to make it “more accessible”, 2 more people dropped out. How dare they.

2. Couple Donates Their Wedding Venue

The exact thing you hope doesn’t happen, happened to one American couple. They broke up a week before their wedding. And the venue was already paid for.

After talking it over, the couple decided to donate their venue to another deserving couple. Their generosity inspired other local businesses to donate catering, hair and makeup, floral arrangements and photography services. It’s not all bad.

3. Rules and Regulations

A wedding planner made a strict list of rules and regulations for one American couple’s wedding.

The rules were very specific. One prohibited any of the wedding attendees to wear white, cream or ivory (fair enough). And another banned all women from wearing their hair in any style other than a ‘basic bob or ponytail’.

Guests would not be admitted unless they brought a gift worth $75 or more. Oh, and no guests were allowed to speak to the bride. At all.

4. Who Wore it Best?

One unconventional bride decided to wear a red evening dress for her ceremony. Not one for tradition, she wanted to wear something other than the typical white gown.

Unfortunately, the registrar showed up wearing the exact same dress. Thankfully, the bride had a good sense of humor. They still laugh about it to this day.

5. Trash the Dress

‘Trash the dress’ has become a fun, post-wedding tradition for some brides. A Canadian bride who got married in Mexico got some stunning photos taken of her swimming in the ocean in her immaculate wedding down.

An American bride couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as her reception ended, she jumped off a trampoline and into a lake. The damage was minimal. It was back to normal after a trip to the dry cleaners.

6. Stealing Thunder

One American guy decided to propose to his then-girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. The video went viral, and viewers had a mixed reaction.

Some people were outraged that he would steal his sister’s thunder. Thankfully, she was on board and was part of the plan from the beginning. She said it made her day even more special and meaningful. Points for being an awesome sister.

7. I Ross, Take The Rachel

We thought this only happened in Friends. But one American groom proved us wrong, going as far as interrupting the registrar in an excited attempt to prove his love for his bride.

Before the registrar was finished asking Jack if he agreed to take Karen to be his wedded wife, Jack interrupted and said, “I agree to anything, because I love Anna!” Woops.

8. Lovebirds

In line with tradition, one couple planned to release doves at their wedding. Except, when the big moment came, the birds got stage fright and anti-climactically stayed in their cage.

After tipping the cage over and shaking it gently to urge the birds, they fell out and in protest, still didn’t fly. In a desperate attempt to create the theatrical flyaway they had hoped for, the groom started shouting at them.

Instead of flying, they just waddled away. One particular rebellious dove flew up and landed on the groom’s arm to relieve itself. That’s supposed to be good luck, right?

9. Wedding Crashers

Two friends of a bride and groom thought they were late and were rushing to make it to the wedding. They rushed into the hall just as soon as the couple was declared husband and wife.

The only problem was, it wasn’t their friends’ wedding. And the only place to sit was in the front row. They sat down in a panic, getting some understandably weird looks from the bride and groom.

Their friends were next in line that day for their ceremony. The two wedding crashers stayed in the same spot and waited for their actual friends to step into the limelight. They ended up getting a two for one show special.

10. A Priest’s Suggestion

A priest in Italy thought it would be a good idea to propose a “decency tax” for brides, to encourage them to dress a little more appropriately on their big day.

Now that wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses are coming in so many different styles, some a little more risque than others, the priest suggested implementing a rule that required “the least dressed to pay the most.”

The Moral of the Story

If you’re stressed out planning your wedding and dreading what could go wrong, the moral of the story here is things could always be worse.

You could break up a week before your wedding day. The groom could say the wrong name at the altar. You could show up wearing the same dress as the registrar.

You could be prohibited from speaking to the bride at all, or you could get deleted off Facebook for not forking over thousands of dollars to go to your friends’ destination wedding.

At the end of the day, weddings are meant to celebrate love. Just be grateful some of these disastrous things haven’t happened to you and try to enjoy your special day. Check out our blog for some tips on dating as a Christian.

How to Create a Stunning WordPress Wedding Website

Wordpress Wedding Website

Make sure to create a stunning wordpress wedding website for your special day.

More than two million people get married in the United States every year. Are you about to join those ranks?

If so, congratulations! Engagement can be one of the most exciting and joyous times of your life. It can also be one of the most stressful.

Between the guest list, the venue, the registries, and the vendors, it can be difficult to organize everything and keep all interested parties in-the-know.

Enter the WordPress wedding website.

When you create one, you instantly have a centralized spot where you can showcase your relationship and pending matrimony. You can also create subpages that allow guests of honor to help in the planning process.

The best part? You don’t have to be an experienced web designer to create a stunning, professional-quality site. WordPress makes the experience simple, allowing you to spend less time behind the computer and more time in the arms of the one you love.

Today, we’re providing a step-by-step guide to help you create your own wedding website on WordPress. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Choose Your Wedding Website Hosting Plan.

Christian Web Host Wedding WordPress Website Hosting

The first step in setting up a wedding website is to choose a web hosting solution. In short, this is where all of your website’s files will live.

One thing to consider is how long you’ll need your wedding website to be live. Use this timeline to help you set your hosting budget.

At this juncture, you should also consider the number of features you want your site to have. As a rule of thumb, the price of each plan will rise as you require more advanced functionality.

Do you plan to upload a lot of videos and images to your site? If so, you’ll need a plan with more gigabytes of storage space and data transfer capability. Conversely, if you plan to use it as a blogging platform to share text-based updates, a smaller-scale package may be sufficient.

2. Register Your Domain

Wedding Website Domain

You want your website to be as unique as your relationship.

While you’re setting yours up, you’ll need to register a domain name.

First, pick a top-level domain (TLD) that’s wedding-centric and fits the theme of your big day. Some of the most popular choices in this regard include:

  • .wedding
  • .dance
  • .love
  • .family

If you’re religious, you may consider a TLD such as .faith or .church. Use .diamonds for a glitzy reception or keep the focus on your honeymoon with .voyage!

Once you’ve found a solution that fits the bill, the real fun part starts: deciding on your domain name!

You can take a few different routes.

For a traditional approach, stick to the classic “name + name” domain. This makes it easy for guests to find and remember your site. To this, you can also add the year and location of the nuptials, which can come in handy for a destination wedding.

Feeling creative? Or, did another couple already claim your names? You still have plenty of options.

One trend is to turn your wedding into a catchphrase!

Inspired by the popular wedding hashtags floating around Instagram, this is a sweet and memorable play on words. For instance, someone with the last name “Nee” might register “DownonBendedNee.”

Once you’ve secured your spot on the web, turn your catchphrase domain into a hashtag and encourage wedding guests to tag it in their posts about the big day.

3. Login to ChristianWebHost

Christian Web Host Login

Once you’ve successfully checked out and receiving your ChristianWebHost welcome email, you can login to your cPanel for the first time via your Client Area at manage.christianwebhost.com.

To log in to cPanel:

  1. Go to manage.christianwebhost.com/clientarea.php and enter your login information
    login page screen shot
  2. Click the Services block
    cpanel services block
  3. Click the “Active” Button next to your hosting plan
    cpanel services action
  4. Click “Login to cPanel”
    Log into cPanel in Actions Menu

4. Install WordPress

Wedding Website WordPress installation

With your hosting plan and domain name selection behind you, you’re ready to install WordPress.

In most cases, this is a one-click step that takes seconds to complete. You can do this when you are logged in to cPanel. In cPanel, scroll down to the Softaculous Apps Installer section and click the WordPress icon.

Cpanel WordPress install

Before you install the program, you’ll need to enter a few details. After you enter your domain name, you can choose a title for your website. Keep this part simple and to-the-point, using a title such as “Mike and Pam’s Wedding.”

Softaculous WordPress install Screen Shot

Then, create an administrative username and password. This is what you’ll use to log into your site, so make sure it’s simple and easy to remember (but hard to guess). You’ll also enter your associated e-mail address here.

Once you agree to the WordPress terms, you’re up and running. It’s time to make your site your own.

For quick access, type your domain name into your search bar, followed by “/wp-admin.” This will take you to the WordPress login page. Once you enter your login details, you’ll see your administrative dashboard.

From within the dashboard, you can install WordPress wedding themes, add plug-ins and create posts and pages all about the event.

5. Find and Install the Perfect Theme

Wedding Website Theme

Every couple is different, with its own style and flair. When you want yours to shine through on your website, deciding on a wedding theme is key.

Put simply, your website’s theme determines how it looks. From font styles to design details, it’s the face of your site.

Going for an upscale feel? Find an ornate and fancy theme that oozes class.

Planning to host a casual, laidback party? Look for themes that are expressive and playful.

Searching for Premium Themes

Premium Themes

At the end of the day, your website theme sets the tone for the rest of the wedding and gives visitors a taste of what they can expect when you tie the knot. In addition to finding one that matches your desired aesthetic, also take into account the features available on each.

For instance, some include wedding countdown clocks, guest books or integrated calendar functions that make planning a breeze. Others have more advanced photo compilation capabilities and recording options.

Start by checking out the free themes provided by WordPress. These often feature all the tools and capabilities you need. If you’re creating a site for the sole purpose of keeping your data in one place and sharing a few updates along the way, you can find plenty of options here.

On the other hand, you may want to create a dynamic, feature-rich site that serves as a cornerstone for all your planning tasks. In this case, you’ll need a premium theme that exceeds standard offerings.

Don’t see anything that bowls you over? The following marketplaces provide a greater selection of both paid and free themes:

  • ThemeForest
  • Creative Market
  • ThemeSnap
  • TemplateMonster
  • WooThemes

A longer list of WordPress theme providers, including site links, is available at this website. Do your research and consider your wedding budget as you narrow down your selection.

Installing Your Theme

Uploading a WordPress Theme

Once you’ve found the ideal theme, it’s time to install it. If you’re using a theme from a marketplace, go ahead and purchase it.

Then, you’ll need to download the installable WordPress file associated with the theme. Log into your account, find your theme and download the file labeled “Installable WordPress file only.”

Can’t find this option? In some cases, the file will be hidden within a zipped file, so take a look at your downloads to check.

Once you download the file, go back to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Appearance>Themes>Add New.

Installing a theme from WordPress itself? You’ll install it here with one click.

Otherwise, click “Upload Theme” and find your download. The last step is to activate your theme.

6. Customize Your WordPress Wedding Website

Wordpress Website Add Pages

Phew. All the technical details are behind you.

Now, it’s time to flex your creative muscles and make your wedding webpage all about you and your partner!

Start by deciding how many pages you want. Usually, these will show up as individual tabs along the top of your site. Alternatively, you may opt to have them under a drop-down menu or even on the side of the screen.

The number and type of tabs that you choose to put on your site is a personal decision. Still, most wedding websites include some variation of the following:

  • A story about how you met
  • Accommodations for out-of-town guests
  • Information on the venue, including directions
  • Gift registry information
  • A photo or video gallery of your history together

Feeling inspired to share updates about the planning process? You may choose to add a blog page, wherein you’ll post on a routine basis about how things are going. Your theme may even allow guests to RSVP to your wedding via your site, saving you time and money!

Most themes will feature a preset layout, but if you opt for a premium one, you’ll have more flexibility and control over how the pages appear.

7. Explore WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Website Plugins

Most themes will be complete with all the tools and features you need to get up and running. Yet, there might be extra touches that you want to include, as well.

Enter plugins. These are programs that add specific features to your WordPress site. By expanding the functionality of WordPress, they help you create a website that’s full of all the bells and whistles you need.

You can find most of the ones you need from the WordPress dashboard, under the “Plugins” tab. Some are free, while most premium ones will have a small fee.

Some of the most popular wedding-related WordPress plugins include:

Countdown Timers

Countdown Timer Plugin

If your theme doesn’t come with an integrated timer, you can install one and add it to your site.

Once you enter the date of your wedding, it will begin counting down the days, hours, minutes and even seconds so you always know how much time you have left to plan.

Display it on your homepage to ramp up anticipation! This is also an ideal way to set planning milestones for yourself. This month-by-month wedding planning checklist is a great way to stay on track.


Meta Slider Plugin screen shot

Planning to create an image-heavy website? You could run into scaling challenges if your theme doesn’t include a built-in slider.

Install one to help guests flip through your media quickly. You can even set special transitions that turn your pictures into a virtual slideshow. This enhances usability and can make your site quicker to load.

Directions and Mapping

Map Plugin

Are you expecting a lot of remote guests to make the trek to your wedding? If so, a mapping tool can come in handy. For instance, you can embed a Google Map onto your site via the “Basic Google Maps Placemark” plugin.

You can even set different icons to represent specific events, such as your ceremony, reception, and after-party. Place these icons at their respective destinations so guests can see how far they’ll need to travel.

Guest Books

Guest Book Plugin

It can be helpful to include a guest book plugin if you don’t already have one. This way, guests can still leave their best wishes, even if they’re unable to attend the event.

You’ll get a notification every time someone adds a sentiment to the book, allowing for timely follow-up and thank-yous.

Host Your Wedding Website With Us

Wordpress Wedding Website Hosting

As the countdown dwindles and the big event draws near, you have enough on your plate to worry about. This time of betrothal should be spent preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your upcoming union.

You shouldn’t be stressing about keeping guests in the loop and keeping yourself on track. When you create a WordPress wedding website, these details are easy to attend and update.

Looking for a web hosting solution for your wordpress wedding website? We’d love to help.

We offer comprehensive monthly or yearly plans to meet any timeframe or need. In addition, we also provide domain name packages and even advanced VPS hosting.

Sign up for a plan today to get started and experience love at first sight all over again.

Half off first year of hosting