5 Smart SEO Strategies for Church Websites

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Did you know that search is the number one driver of web traffic?

That means that if you really want to attract more visitors to your weekly church service, you need to optimize your website for search engines. Because even church websites need an SEO strategy.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top five SEO strategies.

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  • Update Your Website’s Design

The appearance of your church’s website is almost as important as the appearance of the church itself when it comes to attracting visitors.

Potential churchgoers may be put off by a poorly designed or disorganized website. On top of that, your site may not be showing up on SERPs if you haven’t paid careful attention to the design.

Create a site that is easy to navigate and filled with SEO-friendly content. Invest in a professional web designer’s services, purchase quality graphics, or try some of our other website design tips.

  • Hone in on Local SEO

Although fellowship and meaningful worship services are what keep people coming back to church, the truth is, many people will initially choose a church based on convenience. That’s why it’s essential that church websites don’t neglect local SEO!

Google reports that search interest in results “near me” has increased 34 times since 2011. So now more than ever, it’s important to make sure you’re showing up on local SERPs.

An easy way to boost your local SEO is by claiming your business on Google. Make sure you add relevant info to your listing, like service hours, address, and contact info. This will help drive even more local traffic to your website, and hopefully, to your church.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Technical

A big factor in your website’s success is how easy it is for search engine bots to crawl your site. Making your website friendly to bots is a vital part of any SEO plan, However, it’s one many people neglect.

The reason for this is many people don’t think they have the know-how to tackle technical SEO. The very idea of optimizing website structure strikes fear in their hearts. However, with some patience and basic research, even the technologically challenged can get their site to start ranking.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional to deal with the technical side of things.

  • Optimize Your Website’s Loading Time

If people have to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, there’s a good chance they’ll get impatient and give up. There goes a potential church member.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, compress your media files, including images and videos. Bonus tip: Using YouTube for video embeds of sermons and live recordings will instantly make your site more SEO-friendly.

  • Find a Quality Web Host

Your web hosting choice will impact your site’s speed, uptime, and other factors. These, in turn, affect your website’s SEO. That’s why it’s essential that you choose wisely.

A quality web host also means a secure one. This protects both you and your visitors.

We Provide Quality Hosting for Church Websites

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6 Ways Mobile Application Testing Can Help Your Church

Mobile Application Testing

Did you know over 80% of consumers use an app rather than a mobile website? And nearly 65% of proficient app users report they view businesses with mobile apps more positively.

The average American spends at least 2 hours per day on a mobile device. And 80% of this time is spent on app usage.

This means a person’s app experience can be the difference between their receptivity to your church’s message and passing it by.

So, let’s take a look at 6 ways mobile application testing can help your church.

Mobile Application Testing For Your Church

Churches are a place of sanctuary. They bring hope to the downtrodden. And their mission is often far-reaching.

They also rely on support from their congregation and the community as a whole to continue this mission. This is why learning as much as you can about spreading the message through digital means is so important.

What Is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile application testing examines the applications running on mobile devices and how they’re functioning, employing the following methods:

  • Mobile web applications. These apps access websites on mobile devices through various browsers by linking to a wireless network.
  • Native applications. A native app is developed for use on a platform such as tablets or mobile devices.
  • Hybrid applications. These apps are a mix of the web and native apps. They can function either offline or on devices.

Native means that it’s built for a specific device or platform.

For example, you might choose to build an app specifically for iPhone or Android operating system. Native apps run more smoothly on the device or platform they’re made for.

Apps that run across multiple platforms may have bugs that they encounter on just one of the devices they’re used on. Because of this, app testing must be done across different devices.

It may work on your device but not one of your parishioners.

Why Is Mobile Application Testing Important?

Application testing helps businesses, including churches, to create applications that are adaptable and work across numerous platforms.

Testing checks to see if the app is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. This allows an app’s message to effectively reach more individuals.

App testing involves a process of creating an app software measuring the apps’:

  • Handling and operation
  • Uniformity
  • Functioning

The testing can be done either manually or through computer controlled means. And it offers wonderful benefits to all who use it, including the board of your church.

How Can Mobile Application Testing Help My Church?

Mobile application testing can help your church in many different ways. We are coming into a dominant technology age. And even churches need to keep up with the growing popularity of the web to ensure the message is effectively communicated.

  • Providing Your Church Board 24 Hour A Day Testing Ability

One type of testing is through Cloud technology. Its central server links to a set of machines. And every one of the host machines is able to host approximately ten other machines.

All of these devices are made available to the board of your church every hour of the day whenever they are linked to a server. So you can test applications at any time convenient for you.

You simply link to the Cloud and choose which device you would like to test. You can manually test devices through the use of your keyboard and mouse.

All of the functions are accessible to your church to maximize the ability to reach more app users.

  • Giving Your Church A Wide Variety Of Device Options To Choose From

It’s important for your church to keep up with digital marketing trends. Know what types of messages are getting through to viewers. So your church’s online presence can adapt accordingly.

When you use mobile app testing, your church will be given many different options for devices to choose from. You’ll be able to select any device from the mobile lab, instead of being limited to only the devices you can link to.

You’ll be able to choose which devices you want to test ahead of time. This will allow you to know precisely when you’ll be able to test the device.

  • Offering Easy And Straightforward Implementation

When your church chooses to use software to test apps, you may find it easier than you thought it would be.

Mobile app testing is not that complicated. You can typically set up your mobile lab within the hour. And you don’t necessarily have to install any software.

Testing will expand the value of your mobile application by ensuring everything is running as optimally as possible.

  • Allowing You To Check Performance Concerns Over Various Local Networks

You will be able to link all devices to a host machine in multiple locations. This capability makes every device accessible to any tester.

You’ll have access to every local network carrier. And this will enable you to ensure your app works adequately in various locations.

This will help your church spread its message to more people no matter where they happen to be at the time.

  • Letting You Complete More Test Scenarios In The Same Amount Of Time

More than 20,000 versions for devices are on the market today. These devices contain at minimum 25 distinct kinds of operating systems.

As a board member of your church, you’ll be able to test at least 500,000 sequences. This will let you select the best sequence for your specific situation.

  • Offering Your Church More Global Exposure And Outreach Capability

When your apps are tested and it’s been established that they’re effectively reaching those you want to reach, your church will have more exposure.

With more exposure comes more possibilities to spread the message of your faith.

With all these benefits, your church’s return on investment will be well worth the money put towards mobile app testing.

Support For Your Church Through Mobile App Testing And More

From giving your church 24-hour a day control to offering your church global exposure, mobile app testing is worth the investment. With its simple implementation, you’ll get the results without the headaches.

For more information on how you can help your church flourish in the digital age, check us out today.