How to Make a Wedding Website That’s as Unique as You Are

how to make a wedding website

Is your wedding just around the corner? Gone are the days when wedding invitations were sent out only through printed cards.

Did you know that you can now invite people to your special day through your own website? You can also update the information posted on the website before, during, and after the wedding.

Not sure where to start with your wedding website creation?

Here’s a useful guide to help you learn how to make a wedding website that is unique, informative, and engaging for your guests.

Top Tips for Making a Wedding Website

Although creating a website for your wedding can seem daunting at first, it is quite easy if you know how to go about it. That said, here are some tips on making a successful wedding website.

Choose an Attractive Theme and Style

Start by choosing a wedding theme and style that resonates with you the most. Customize it using various available themes you can find already listed.

Do you want a classic theme or a relatively modern one? Do you want your site to look fun and colorful, or do you want something a little plain yet interesting? For your background, feel free to stray from what is provided and instead choose to use your own engagement photo, for example, as a backdrop.

While choosing a theme, remember to choose ones that come with the same color scheme as your wedding.

If your color scheme includes brown as the dominant color, for example, how about you choose a woody theme with a mix of cream and beige colors? This helps maintain consistency from your site, all the way to your wedding outfits and décor too.

Switch fonts to make your site more unique and extraordinary.

Personalize It

Personalize your wedding website by showing your guests who you really are. Take this opportunity to include lots of photos of you two in fact, if you have lots of photos to share, opt for a photo album.
Here, include other details about you and your spouse. In this case, an ‘about us’ page would be perfect. In this section, give your guests information about yourselves, like where you both work, and what you love doing together as a hobby.

Set Up a Link

Think of a unique link. You can either go for the link already provided by your web hosting service or purchase a custom domain. Either way, you’ll have something unique to share with all of your friends and guests enabling them to gain access to your wedding site.

Some couples go as far as adding their names to their links just to make it a bit more personalized and familiar to the guests.

Add a Password

To protect your site from unscrupulous people, it is always a good idea to include a password. Remember that your wedding has your full names and other personal details that can be used to commit various offenses.

To avoid this, use the unique access code provided to come up with a custom yet simple password. Go for that password that is easy for your guests to remember.

Provide Venue Details

Ever noticed how phones ring left, right, and center only hours before the wedding?

The vast majority of these calls are usually made by guests asking for directions to your wedding venue. To avoid inconveniences on your part as the couple and on your guest’s part, it is advisable to include venue details of where your wedding will be.

Give written directions or even attach a map for your self-driving guests to follow. Include additional information regarding the date and time when the wedding is set to commence.

Make your website mobile-friendly. This way your wedding guests can conveniently use their phones while simultaneously following the provided directions.

Other Things to Consider for the Best Wedding Website

Aside from the above-discussed things, there are many other things to consider for your wedding website. These include but are not limited to the following:

Make Use of Electronic Invites

You must admit that a huge chunk of your wedding budget goes into designing and printing numerous wedding invites. This is money that could prove more useful if channeled elsewhere in the wedding preparations where there may be more urgent needs.

Sending electronic invites to your guest not only saves you money but also saves you valuable time and effort. You don’t have to send mail or physically hand over hundreds of printed wedding cards to guests.

What’s more, e-invites, as they are more commonly known, help reduce paper waste. Plus there’s no chance that your invites will get lost on e-mail.

Design a beautiful electronic invite using any of the preset wedding templates and hit send. Once your guests receive the invite they can use the same link to RSVP online.

Tell Your Love Story

How did you meet? When did you fall in love? How was the proposal? The wedding is the climax of your union. While people are excited to come to share in your joy, it’s good to also share with them the special events and moments that eventually lead to the wedding.

But what if you both have different dating stories?

Even better! As the bride, you can share your own perspective of your love story and then the groom can share his own side of the story. It’s going to be so much fun for your guest to see your different personalities show up in your words.

If you are a couple that has been together for quite some time, feel free to use a visual timeline, including pictures and videos of some of your most memorable events in this section.

Include a Gift Registry

For a relatively young couple looking to start life, a wedding can be financially draining. To help you recover and make a smooth transition, why not include a gift registry on your wedding website? Use this opportunity as a chance to tell your guests what you’d really love as wedding gifts. Using the template provided, customize your logo and link.

The gift registry works as a way to hint to your guests about some of the things you would and wouldn’t like as gifts. It’s no use pretending to feel great about your distant cousin bringing you that poorly cooked lasagna as a so-called gift.

Ask Your Guests to Say Something

Let your guests in on it. By including a section in your website where your guests can leave a message or comment, you allow them to be part of the celebration in a special way.

Here, they can either say hello of include a detailed rundown of what they love about you. They can give you advice or share their best wishes for you two.

Don’t Forget the Countdown

As the D-Day draws near, there’s with overwhelming excitement. Get excited together with your guests and have them count down with you.

Add a cool clock to help countdown the days, hours, minutes and even seconds to your wedding day. Your family and friends will love it.

How About a Weather Tracker?

The uncertainty that comes with the weather is not only grueling for the bride but also for the guests. It’s not so much about being rained on or having to sit under the scorching sun for hours, it’s about not being prepared for it.

Eliminate the guesswork by having a weather tracker on your wedding site. This way, your guests are able to foretell what kind of weather to expect that day so that they can prepare and dress for it.

Update Changes

A lot of stuff gets rearranged or rescheduled when planning a wedding. Most of this is information that you had already included in your site. Always remember to check back and update your site every time something changes.

This way, your guests always have the right information. When your site is consistently updated, it reduces the chance of guests feeling lost or confused regarding your wedding.

Be Specific on Who Is Invited

Sharing your website on social media is what couples normally do to tell their friends and followers that they are soon having a wedding. Unfortunately, you cannot control who sees your post.

This may leave some to automatically assume that they have been invited. If you want to avoid having people you didn’t invite gatecrash your wedding, be deliberate about the language you use both on the site and on social media.

Politely convey that your wedding is an invite-only occasion. This stops people from guessing and makes it clear that only invited guests will be allowed in.

Exclude the Invite-Only Events from the Site

On the wedding day, you may want to share some intimate moments with your closest friends and some family members. Say, for example, you have a wedding rehearsal dinner or a separate luncheon.

Remember that all the guests invited to your wedding can see everything you include on your site. You don’t want the rest of the guests to feel left out or secluded by announcing that they are not invited to these special events.

It is, therefore, advisable to use other means like phone messaging, or direct email to notify some few guests of the separate invite-only event you want to share with them on that day.

Why You Need a Wedding Website

You may be a couple that likes the personal touch that comes with having each one of your friends and family receive a physical invitation from you. Which is a really good idea. However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for a wedding website.

Considering the information listed above, you can see why physical wedding cards or invitations can fall short when it comes to keeping your guests informed.

So why exactly do you need a wedding website?

  • It serves as a point of reference. If a guest needs to confirm the venue or the date, they can simply refer to the website instead of calling or texting you.
  • It saves time. When there are changes to the wedding program, for example, you do not have to call each guest to tell them about the changes. Instead, they receive a notification informing them of any changes prior to the wedding.
  • It will never get lost. It is easier for physical wedding cards or invitations to get lost. They can get lost in the mail or the guest may misplace it. With a website, the guests have information right on their fingertips, on condition that they have internet and a smartphone or laptop.
  • Keeps things organized. You will not have people showing up at the wrong venue or behind time on the actual wedding day. Your invited guests will always be informed on exactly where everything is taking place and at what time.
  • It is intimate. Your guests feel great to be part of something memorable. This in addition to making them feel like a priority to share in your joy.
  • It is convenient. Using the gifts registry, you have the convenience of sharing information about the kind of gifts you prefer without being too forthcoming. Convenience also extends to your guests because they can plan their days or schedules around your wedding and make travel plans accordingly.

Learn How to Make a Wedding Website Today

Wedding websites are now trending as the in-thing for future brides and grooms. Contrary to the opinion of many, you don’t need to be a techie or a computer wizard to create your own site. Wedding websites are quite easy to create.

Through web hosting services, you have access to wedding website tools and plugins that allow for easy prepping in anticipation of your wedding day. You just need to make a few tweaks here and there to make sure that your site is well organized, interesting and easy for your guests to maneuver.

Now that you know the tidbits of how to make a wedding website, what next? You need to find a reliable web hosting service. Wondering which one is the best?

Contact us and we will show you exactly how to maneuver in preparation for your special day.

Top 10 Wedding Stories to Prepare You for Your Big Day

wedding stories

Fun fact: wedding and engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger because ancient Romans believed that there was a vein in the “ring finger” that went directly to the heart.

We have taken many wedding traditions from ancient Greek and Rome, and now we’ve started to create some for ourselves. The average couple spends approximately $33,000 on their wedding in the United States.

Weddings are often cited as the best day of the bride and groom’s lives, but it doesn’t come without stress.

Keep reading for the 10 best funny, disastrous and heartwarming wedding stories to get you excited (or to make you feel better) about your big day.

1. How Dare You Not Spend 3k On My Wedding

One bride-to-be gave her friends an ultimatum via a venomous Facebook post, giving them 3 more days to confirm going to her destination wedding invitation or she would delete them from Facebook.

Only 9 out of 150 invitees RSVP’d to pay $3000 to go to her wedding in Thailand, and when the couple moved the wedding to Hawaii to make it “more accessible”, 2 more people dropped out. How dare they.

2. Couple Donates Their Wedding Venue

The exact thing you hope doesn’t happen, happened to one American couple. They broke up a week before their wedding. And the venue was already paid for.

After talking it over, the couple decided to donate their venue to another deserving couple. Their generosity inspired other local businesses to donate catering, hair and makeup, floral arrangements and photography services. It’s not all bad.

3. Rules and Regulations

A wedding planner made a strict list of rules and regulations for one American couple’s wedding.

The rules were very specific. One prohibited any of the wedding attendees to wear white, cream or ivory (fair enough). And another banned all women from wearing their hair in any style other than a ‘basic bob or ponytail’.

Guests would not be admitted unless they brought a gift worth $75 or more. Oh, and no guests were allowed to speak to the bride. At all.

4. Who Wore it Best?

One unconventional bride decided to wear a red evening dress for her ceremony. Not one for tradition, she wanted to wear something other than the typical white gown.

Unfortunately, the registrar showed up wearing the exact same dress. Thankfully, the bride had a good sense of humor. They still laugh about it to this day.

5. Trash the Dress

‘Trash the dress’ has become a fun, post-wedding tradition for some brides. A Canadian bride who got married in Mexico got some stunning photos taken of her swimming in the ocean in her immaculate wedding down.

An American bride couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as her reception ended, she jumped off a trampoline and into a lake. The damage was minimal. It was back to normal after a trip to the dry cleaners.

6. Stealing Thunder

One American guy decided to propose to his then-girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. The video went viral, and viewers had a mixed reaction.

Some people were outraged that he would steal his sister’s thunder. Thankfully, she was on board and was part of the plan from the beginning. She said it made her day even more special and meaningful. Points for being an awesome sister.

7. I Ross, Take The Rachel

We thought this only happened in Friends. But one American groom proved us wrong, going as far as interrupting the registrar in an excited attempt to prove his love for his bride.

Before the registrar was finished asking Jack if he agreed to take Karen to be his wedded wife, Jack interrupted and said, “I agree to anything, because I love Anna!” Woops.

8. Lovebirds

In line with tradition, one couple planned to release doves at their wedding. Except, when the big moment came, the birds got stage fright and anti-climactically stayed in their cage.

After tipping the cage over and shaking it gently to urge the birds, they fell out and in protest, still didn’t fly. In a desperate attempt to create the theatrical flyaway they had hoped for, the groom started shouting at them.

Instead of flying, they just waddled away. One particular rebellious dove flew up and landed on the groom’s arm to relieve itself. That’s supposed to be good luck, right?

9. Wedding Crashers

Two friends of a bride and groom thought they were late and were rushing to make it to the wedding. They rushed into the hall just as soon as the couple was declared husband and wife.

The only problem was, it wasn’t their friends’ wedding. And the only place to sit was in the front row. They sat down in a panic, getting some understandably weird looks from the bride and groom.

Their friends were next in line that day for their ceremony. The two wedding crashers stayed in the same spot and waited for their actual friends to step into the limelight. They ended up getting a two for one show special.

10. A Priest’s Suggestion

A priest in Italy thought it would be a good idea to propose a “decency tax” for brides, to encourage them to dress a little more appropriately on their big day.

Now that wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses are coming in so many different styles, some a little more risque than others, the priest suggested implementing a rule that required “the least dressed to pay the most.”

The Moral of the Story

If you’re stressed out planning your wedding and dreading what could go wrong, the moral of the story here is things could always be worse.

You could break up a week before your wedding day. The groom could say the wrong name at the altar. You could show up wearing the same dress as the registrar.

You could be prohibited from speaking to the bride at all, or you could get deleted off Facebook for not forking over thousands of dollars to go to your friends’ destination wedding.

At the end of the day, weddings are meant to celebrate love. Just be grateful some of these disastrous things haven’t happened to you and try to enjoy your special day. Check out our blog for some tips on dating as a Christian.

5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow

prayers for business

Are you dreaming of starting your own business and need the power of prayer to push through? Perhaps you’re a business owner already, but need a little guidance from the Lord on making better decisions for yourself and your customers.

Regardless of your current circumstances, you can always lean on God to lend you a helping hand in good times and bad. In business, and in life, it is wisdom that leads us forward. With wisdom, we stay strong in tumultuous situations and learn to be grateful for all that we have.

Keep reading to find 5 soulful prayers for business that you can use to invite prosperity, success, and growth into your business and life.

Let us pray.

1. Prayer For A New Business

If you’re a first-time business owner or starting a new business, you need strong prayers for guidance and prosperity. Ask the Lord for patience and wisdom to make the right decisions. Pray that God will lead the right customers to you and that you will rise to the occasion and serve them well.

Here’s a great example:

“Dear Lord,

My business is my passion and I put my success entirely in your hands. I ask that you help me run it efficiently, and with the wisdom to recognize and accept the changes that await me. I know you will speak to me when I’m lost and give me comfort when there are trials. Please grant me the knowledge for the things I don’t know and help me serve my customers and clients with a heart like yours.

I will shine Your light in all that I do and make sure my customers feel it whenever they interact with me and my business. Help me stand by my faith and values in my business in all situations and tribulations.

In Your Name I pray.


2. Prayer For Prosperous Business

When your business needs a boost of prosperity, ask the Lord to open your mind and heart for recognizing new opportunities.

With this strong prayer, you’ll invite good spiritual energy into your business, ask for prosperity, and prepare your heart for receiving it.

“Dear Heavenly Father, in Your Name I pray.

I am grateful to you for granting me the grace, wisdom, and means to run this business. 

I have faith in your guidance as I ask you to give me the strength to work hard and make my business prosperous and abundant. I know you will reveal new opportunities and areas for expansion and development. Bless this business, and help it grow, flourish, and create great livelihood and growth for all those involved.


3. Prayer For Business Success

Prayers for business success should be short, to the point, but filled with faith, and genuine desire to serve your customers and solve their problems.

Bear in mind that the Lord does not approve of greed, ungratefulness, and envy, neither in business nor in life, so align your vision of success with His teachings.

Here is a powerful example that you can use before you open for the day:

“Dear Lord,

I ask for your graceful guidance as I build and grow this business. I put my trust in your hands that you will bless my business, my suppliers, my customers, and my employees. I pray that you protect this enterprise and the investments I’ve put into it.

I ask that you lead me, guide me, and advise me. May my journey be generous, fruitful, and successful, today and always.

I pray to you with all that I am and all that I hold.


4. Prayer For Business Growth

Whether your business is going well, but you’d like to see it grow, or it’s stagnating and you’d like to move it forward, ask God to bring you new opportunities, customers, and ways of expanding.

Ask Him to give you the wisdom and clarity to recognize the potential, because sometimes, even the simplest things can be blessings in disguise if you know where to look.

Here is one of these powerful examples of prayers for business growth:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your unconditional love and guidance in all matters of business and life. I ask that you lead me to the opportunities that will bring me prosperity and success. I open my mind and heart to receive your wisdom and the love and energy I need to follow your signs and instructions.

I ask that you make my path clear and lead me through tough times so I can learn to make the right decisions. I look to you to open the doors of opportunity, success, growth, prosperity, and wisdom to love and appreciate your plan for this business.


5. Prayer For Making Big Business Decisions

When your business is at a crossroads and you need to make some big decisions or want to implement new ideas, ask the Lord for wisdom and confidence to make the right choices.

Take the time to pray for His guidance in times of change, and put your trust into Him that He will lead you to what’s best for your business.

Here is one of the most effective prayers for businesses facing important decisions:

“Dear Lord,

I ask you to guide our hearts in the right direction as I make important business decisions. I give into your hands this business and all that I have put into it. I have complete faith in you and trust that you will lead me to make the best decisions for this business and give me the wisdom to trust they are the right ones for me. 

In Your Name I pray,


Use These Powerful Prayers For Business Growth, Prosperity, and Guidance

Whether you’re starting a new business venture or need some guidance to keep your existing business prosperous, these powerful prayers for business will give you the faith, wisdom, and energy to keep going.

Jesus’s life was dedicated to serving others, loving everyone equally, and being humble in His desires. Your business will prosper if you follow His principles and believe in His ability to bring you exactly what you need.

Are you starting a new business as a Christian entrepreneur? Here are 5 incredible tips to learn before you embark on your business journey.