5 Tips for Writing the Best Sermon Series for Your Congregation

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Did you know a good sermon should last for around 30 minutes or less? Preparing a great speech is not a simple affair, especially if you’re a seasoned pastor.

Meeting the demand for a diverse congregation isn’t easy. Your sermon should touch the soul of each member of the congregation.

The 30 minutes can entice your congregation or leave them empty. Evangelists want to prepare a killer sermon and add spiritual value to the congregation.

Despite preparing a sermon being hard, it’s possible. Read this article to learn five tips for writing the best sermon series for your congregation.

1. Research and Study the Bible Passage

You can only deliver what you understand. You want to get a good feel of what you’re saying.

It’s commendable to study the target biblical passage. It accords meaning to your message. Prior research helps accumulate relevant content that relates to the sermon.

You need to ask yourself the following questions to determine if the sermon is excellent.

  • Does the sermon line up with the set congregation?
  • What’s your end goal?
  • Is the passage or sermon worth listening?

2. Catchy Introduction Is the Best Sermon Series

The introduction determines whether or not the audience will listen. The introduction has to capture the attention of the audience.

If you’re an evangelist, the first five minutes of your introduction will tell how well you’re fairing. How do you develop a catchy introduction?

  • Use an attention-getting question
  • Apply an attention-getting statement
  • Startling facts and statistics
  • Use humor to introduce your message
  • Go directly to the scripture

There are multiple ways to begin your introduction, don’t cling to one strategy.

3. Use Sticky Topic and Memorable Points

The topic should be easy to remember. Make the topic a sticky statement. You want to make the big idea of the sermon stick in the minds of your congregation.

How do you make the topic memorable?

  • Make it rhyme
  • Use alliteration
  • Use a metaphor that summarizes the topic
  • Make it contrast
  • Use famous quotes

Use of a catchy theme and few memorable points will make the sermon stick in the minds of your congregation.

4. Use Illustrations

Use of illustrations helps make the sermon realistic and practical. Use of instructions helps to inform and instruct. Theological concepts are challenging to explain, especially to a diverse congregation.

Good illustrations can save your sermon. It helps to make the sermon memorable and enables you to connect with your audience. Thanks to digitalization, sermon series graphics are easy to use to improve your illustrations.

Note: Don’t use too many illustrations in your sermon; it’ll overload your audience.

5. Develop a Strong Conclusion

Preparation of a great conclusion is the hardest part of the sermon. Despite the part being challenging, it’s the most critical part of the sermon.

A sermon is like a love affair. Starting a sermon is easy than ending one. You’ll hear some pastors suggest that they conclude seven times.

The Way Forward

Many people perceive preaching as dull, boring, and irrelevant. Theological concepts and ideas can be complex to interpret, which makes it a theological jargon. Each time you’re to preach, you’ve to prepare for a great sermon.

Are you looking for better ways of delivering the best sermon series to your congregation?

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5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow

prayers for business

Are you dreaming of starting your own business and need the power of prayer to push through? Perhaps you’re a business owner already, but need a little guidance from the Lord on making better decisions for yourself and your customers.

Regardless of your current circumstances, you can always lean on God to lend you a helping hand in good times and bad. In business, and in life, it is wisdom that leads us forward. With wisdom, we stay strong in tumultuous situations and learn to be grateful for all that we have.

Keep reading to find 5 soulful prayers for business that you can use to invite prosperity, success, and growth into your business and life.

Let us pray.

1. Prayer For A New Business

If you’re a first-time business owner or starting a new business, you need strong prayers for guidance and prosperity. Ask the Lord for patience and wisdom to make the right decisions. Pray that God will lead the right customers to you and that you will rise to the occasion and serve them well.

Here’s a great example:

“Dear Lord,

My business is my passion and I put my success entirely in your hands. I ask that you help me run it efficiently, and with the wisdom to recognize and accept the changes that await me. I know you will speak to me when I’m lost and give me comfort when there are trials. Please grant me the knowledge for the things I don’t know and help me serve my customers and clients with a heart like yours.

I will shine Your light in all that I do and make sure my customers feel it whenever they interact with me and my business. Help me stand by my faith and values in my business in all situations and tribulations.

In Your Name I pray.


2. Prayer For Prosperous Business

When your business needs a boost of prosperity, ask the Lord to open your mind and heart for recognizing new opportunities.

With this strong prayer, you’ll invite good spiritual energy into your business, ask for prosperity, and prepare your heart for receiving it.

“Dear Heavenly Father, in Your Name I pray.

I am grateful to you for granting me the grace, wisdom, and means to run this business. 

I have faith in your guidance as I ask you to give me the strength to work hard and make my business prosperous and abundant. I know you will reveal new opportunities and areas for expansion and development. Bless this business, and help it grow, flourish, and create great livelihood and growth for all those involved.


3. Prayer For Business Success

Prayers for business success should be short, to the point, but filled with faith, and genuine desire to serve your customers and solve their problems.

Bear in mind that the Lord does not approve of greed, ungratefulness, and envy, neither in business nor in life, so align your vision of success with His teachings.

Here is a powerful example that you can use before you open for the day:

“Dear Lord,

I ask for your graceful guidance as I build and grow this business. I put my trust in your hands that you will bless my business, my suppliers, my customers, and my employees. I pray that you protect this enterprise and the investments I’ve put into it.

I ask that you lead me, guide me, and advise me. May my journey be generous, fruitful, and successful, today and always.

I pray to you with all that I am and all that I hold.


4. Prayer For Business Growth

Whether your business is going well, but you’d like to see it grow, or it’s stagnating and you’d like to move it forward, ask God to bring you new opportunities, customers, and ways of expanding.

Ask Him to give you the wisdom and clarity to recognize the potential, because sometimes, even the simplest things can be blessings in disguise if you know where to look.

Here is one of these powerful examples of prayers for business growth:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your unconditional love and guidance in all matters of business and life. I ask that you lead me to the opportunities that will bring me prosperity and success. I open my mind and heart to receive your wisdom and the love and energy I need to follow your signs and instructions.

I ask that you make my path clear and lead me through tough times so I can learn to make the right decisions. I look to you to open the doors of opportunity, success, growth, prosperity, and wisdom to love and appreciate your plan for this business.


5. Prayer For Making Big Business Decisions

When your business is at a crossroads and you need to make some big decisions or want to implement new ideas, ask the Lord for wisdom and confidence to make the right choices.

Take the time to pray for His guidance in times of change, and put your trust into Him that He will lead you to what’s best for your business.

Here is one of the most effective prayers for businesses facing important decisions:

“Dear Lord,

I ask you to guide our hearts in the right direction as I make important business decisions. I give into your hands this business and all that I have put into it. I have complete faith in you and trust that you will lead me to make the best decisions for this business and give me the wisdom to trust they are the right ones for me. 

In Your Name I pray,


Use These Powerful Prayers For Business Growth, Prosperity, and Guidance

Whether you’re starting a new business venture or need some guidance to keep your existing business prosperous, these powerful prayers for business will give you the faith, wisdom, and energy to keep going.

Jesus’s life was dedicated to serving others, loving everyone equally, and being humble in His desires. Your business will prosper if you follow His principles and believe in His ability to bring you exactly what you need.

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How a Christian Therapist Combines Faith and Mental Health

christian therapist

In America, 44 million adults struggle with a mental health disorder, but only a percentage of them seek treatment.

If you are struggling with a mental illness or any other problem in your life, you may want to consider finding a therapist or counselor.

Believe it or not, there are Christian counselors, Christian psychologists, and Christian counseling centers. Learn how a Christian therapist can help you.

Marital Problems

If you are having issues in your marriage, a Christian therapist can actually help you repair it.

Marriage is a very sacred thing and occurs when two people make a commitment and a promise to each other. As a Christian, divorce is not an option, so you will need another way to work through your problems.

A Christian therapist will be able to understand that and help you both work through your issues. When there are problems in the relationship, it can seriously affect the marriage which could also lead to sins of infidelity or cause communication problems.

However, a Christian counseling place will be able to help the spouses navigate their problems.

Challenges With Parenting

Parenting can be a very challenging experience, and trying to raise your children in the Christian faith can also be difficult sometimes.

A Christian therapist can help you with challenges that come with being a parent. If you feel overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities and not sure how to take care of your child, a counselor can help you figure out how to deal with those issues.

They can even teach you different parenting techniques that will help you be a better parent for your children.

Mental Health Issues

If you struggle with a mental illness, you should know that you don’t have to go through it alone.

A counselor or a therapist are trained to help you navigate through your mental illness and provide support for you.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, low self-esteem issues, or other things you should figure out where to find a counselor.

With a Christian counselor, they will help you understand that you are still a child of God. They will be able to provide a spiritual layer into your therapy sessions that can be very helpful and healing when it comes to treating mental illness.

When you have a trusted therapist who also is supportive of your faith, you will get much better treatment from therapy.  The only way to truly get good treatment from therapy is by being open and honest, and when you know that you are in a non-judgmental space, it is easier to do that.

There are studies that show that people who have therapists with the same spiritual beliefs as you, you will feel safer to open up.

Recovering from Substance Abuse

If you are recovering from substance abuse, having a Christian counselor can be a great, safe way to heal from that.

It can take a lot of courage, especially as a Christian, to admit that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You will need to do some self-reflection and admit that you do need help with your life.

However, once you admit that, a Christian counselor or therapist will be able to help you get your life back.

In addition to dealing with your addiction, your therapist may also be able to help you get to the root of why you are feeling these addiction urges.

In your sessions, you will learn about how important you are to God and learn other coping strategies to beat addiction. Your counselors will gently help you back towards finding your way in faith rather than using harmful substances.

Healing from Grief or a Loss

If you have recently gone through the loss of a loved one, it can be a very difficult period of time, and you may be resentful. This resentment could even be directed at God.

For others though, they may lean even more heavily on their faith beforehand. If you have a Christian counselor, they will be able to use that faith to help you get through this difficult time in your life.

Having someone guide you through the grief can be immensely helpful because you don’t have to do it again.

Strengthening Your Faith

If there is nothing wrong with your life but still want some guidance and a place to talk about what’s going on in your life, finding a therapist can help with that too.

If you are looking to strengthen your faith or find answers to questions that you’ve been having, going to a Christian counselor may be a great place to find help for that.

Our lives can get so busy and overwhelming that sometimes we put our faith to the side. However, having someone else who can help us strengthen our faith can be a great way to have that balance.

Christian counselors are trained to help with these issues, and they will help you find your way back to God and your faith. They will also give you tools and techniques that you can use when times get difficult and you feel like you’re losing your way again.

Find Help Today

Finding a Christian therapist is a great, healthy way to get help for whatever is going on in your life. They will provide you support while also keeping your faith in mind.

In addition to finding a therapist, turning to God and reading your Bible is also a great way to have support.

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