Top 5 Best Free Newsletter Templates 2019

Every day, a mind-boggling 99% of consumers check their email. It’s the reason so many companies invest in email marketing to boost their sales, with newsletters being the preferred tool to keep clients up to date with new products and irresistible offers.

The surest way to provoke the desired response from your clients is by ensuring that the design of the newsletters you send is top notch. Basically, you want a newsletter that perfectly reflects your brand and instantly catches the eyes of your subscribers.

The good news is that there’s a wide variety of free newsletter templates you can choose from. In this post, we look at five of the best newsletter templates in the market currently.

1. Pook: Newsletter

Pook: Newsletter is one of the free newsletter templates that have been extensively tested. These templates are highly reliable and can be used for a variety of functions.

In particular, the template is ideal for businesses that publish lots of blog articles because it’s formatted in a manner to allow one to post an intro and link it to the rest of the post with a call-to-action (CTA) button.

There’s a great wealth of useful resources and a helpful community to assist you when you encounter problems.

2. Mooza

Created by Pixel Hint, Mooza is a reliable newsletter template that’s perfect for a variety of creative disciplines. The template features a clean, minimalist design that’s bold and pared-back. The vast amount of white space on the template enables readers to jump to the information they’d like to read easily.

The social share buttons are easily identifiable, helping readers share information with their acquaintances, which widens your reach. The clear CTA buttons leave no doubt as to where clients should click.

3. Adobe Spark Newsletters

How do you write a great newsletter without any graphic design or coding knowledge? Thanks to the straightforward design of newsletter templates from Adobe Spark, this isn’t something you have to worry about.

The template features all you need for a great newsletter. Simply make the needed changes to the already provided design elements.

This is one of the free newsletter templates that makes it easy for you to do everything yourself, without needing to pay for anything or give up control of the creative process to someone else.

4. Campaign Monitor

How does creating a top-notch free newsletter template in less than a minute sound? That’s what Campaign Monitor offers. It has a template builder that allows you to create the HTML template incredibly quickly.

To guarantee high quality, all the templates have been thoroughly tested and are mobile-ready.


For businesses that need a range of reliable newsletter templates free of charge, ZURB provides just that. A ZURB template features separate CSS and HTML files, which makes editing easier.

The fluid layout of the template allows you to customize wording, colors, and images. When adding images, a separate folder needs to be created and compressed before it’s uploaded.

Final Thoughts on Free Newsletter Templates

Ensuring that you get the design of your newsletters right can go a long way in getting your intended message to your clients. With the large variety of free newsletter templates available today, keeping email marketing campaign thriving is now easier than ever.

Looking for a newsletter template that’ll help you reach your customers effectively? Talk to us today for a solution that’s perfect for your business.

5 Tips for Writing the Best Sermon Series for Your Congregation

Did you know a good sermon should last for around 30 minutes or less? Preparing a great speech is not a simple affair, especially if you’re a seasoned pastor.

Meeting the demand for a diverse congregation isn’t easy. Your sermon should touch the soul of each member of the congregation.

The 30 minutes can entice your congregation or leave them empty. Evangelists want to prepare a killer sermon and add spiritual value to the congregation.

Despite preparing a sermon being hard, it’s possible. Read this article to learn five tips for writing the best sermon series for your congregation.

1. Research and Study the Bible Passage

You can only deliver what you understand. You want to get a good feel of what you’re saying.

It’s commendable to study the target biblical passage. It accords meaning to your message. Prior research helps accumulate relevant content that relates to the sermon.

You need to ask yourself the following questions to determine if the sermon is excellent.

  • Does the sermon line up with the set congregation?
  • What’s your end goal?
  • Is the passage or sermon worth listening?

2. Catchy Introduction Is the Best Sermon Series

The introduction determines whether or not the audience will listen. The introduction has to capture the attention of the audience.

If you’re an evangelist, the first five minutes of your introduction will tell how well you’re fairing. How do you develop a catchy introduction?

  • Use an attention-getting question
  • Apply an attention-getting statement
  • Startling facts and statistics
  • Use humor to introduce your message
  • Go directly to the scripture

There are multiple ways to begin your introduction, don’t cling to one strategy.

3. Use Sticky Topic and Memorable Points

The topic should be easy to remember. Make the topic a sticky statement. You want to make the big idea of the sermon stick in the minds of your congregation.

How do you make the topic memorable?

  • Make it rhyme
  • Use alliteration
  • Use a metaphor that summarizes the topic
  • Make it contrast
  • Use famous quotes

Use of a catchy theme and few memorable points will make the sermon stick in the minds of your congregation.

4. Use Illustrations

Use of illustrations helps make the sermon realistic and practical. Use of instructions helps to inform and instruct. Theological concepts are challenging to explain, especially to a diverse congregation.

Good illustrations can save your sermon. It helps to make the sermon memorable and enables you to connect with your audience. Thanks to digitalization, sermon series graphics are easy to use to improve your illustrations.

Note: Don’t use too many illustrations in your sermon; it’ll overload your audience.

5. Develop a Strong Conclusion

Preparation of a great conclusion is the hardest part of the sermon. Despite the part being challenging, it’s the most critical part of the sermon.

A sermon is like a love affair. Starting a sermon is easy than ending one. You’ll hear some pastors suggest that they conclude seven times.

The Way Forward

Many people perceive preaching as dull, boring, and irrelevant. Theological concepts and ideas can be complex to interpret, which makes it a theological jargon. Each time you’re to preach, you’ve to prepare for a great sermon.

Are you looking for better ways of delivering the best sermon series to your congregation?

Bookmark our blog for tips on how to uplift the spirits of your congregation. We’ve got everything you need to deliver an inspiring sermon.