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8 Modern Christian Wedding Songs to Get People Moving at the Reception

For people of many faiths, marriage is a gift from God. The Christian faith celebrates marriage as a divine institution given to the people by God. The institution of marriage celebrates God’s love for all His children. Are you entering into a Christian marriage? Let your love and God’s shine through with the perfect Christian wedding songs. […]


How to Make a Wedding Website That’s as Unique as You Are

Is your wedding just around the corner? Gone are the days when wedding invitations were sent out only through printed cards. Did you know that you can now invite people to your special day through your own website? You can also update the information posted on the website before, during, and after the wedding. Not […]


Top 10 Wedding Stories to Prepare You for Your Big Day

Fun fact: wedding and engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger because ancient Romans believed that there was a vein in the “ring finger” that went directly to the heart. We have taken many wedding traditions from ancient Greek and Rome, and now we’ve started to create some for ourselves. The average couple spends approximately $33,000 on […]