Guide: Christian Wedding Traditions and the Meaning Behind Them

christian wedding traditions

In the US, there are over two million weddings per year where couples openly pledge their love and support to each other and forge a new life.

These nuptials are a perfect opportunity for the happy couple to showcase their individual spiritual beliefs with Christian wedding traditions. What better way is there to show gratitude to your maker for bringing you your life partner on this best day of your life?

If you’re looking for ideas for your own upcoming church wedding ceremony, then this article is for you!

Read further to find out more of what’s behind some of these many Christian wedding traditions.

You can learn more about why we have these well-known rituals and how to incorporate them into your own special day.

Christian Wedding Traditions: The Covenant

Weddings have long been described as a promise or “covenant” between a man and a woman.

This model is the same concept that describes God’s steadfast love for his church. God’s unwavering love for his people is a model of the union between married couples.

Christian wedding traditions have long been fueled by these underlying concepts of “promise.” Some of these traditions include:

The Church Ceremony Layout

The word “covenant” is derived from Hebrew that means “to cut.” Blood covenants were binding agreements between two parties made by cutting animals into two parts.

Once the animals were cut in half, their halves were positioned on the ground, opposite of each other, leaving a path between the two halves.

This path and the meeting center between the animal carcasses were considered sacred. The two parties entering into the covenant would approach from opposite ends of the path and meet in the middle.

This same church ceremony layout is still used today (minus the sacrificed animals.) Friends and family members of the couple sit on opposite sides of the main church aisle. Their seating outlines the holy ground between the two animal halves of the blood covenant.

White Runner Down the Center Isle

Another common Christian wedding symbol is the white runner that is placed down the main aisle of the church, leading to the altar. The white runner is another reminder to us that the path between the blood covenant is sacred.

The Groom Arrives First

Another example of Christian wedding symbols includes having the groom enter alone before the bride does. This act is also in reference to the blood covenant.

In biblical times, the first person to move down the path between the animal halves was the covenant instigator. The covenant instigator assumed more responsibility to see that the terms were fulfilled.

This tradition also represents God’s first move to reach out and choose His Bride. Ephesians 5:25-27 tells us that Christ paved the way to have his bride presented to himself. The groom’s appearance represents this initiative.

Wearing a Bridal Veil

Wearing a bridal veil is one of the many wedding symbols that bridges can choose to use or not use.

Ancient civilizations believed that a veil was necessary to wrap the bride completely to protect her from evil spirits. Veils also conveyed that the bride was pure and untouched.

Wedding veils also represent the temple veil that was torn in two when Christ was crucified on the cross. During Christ’s time, heavy veils or curtains hung in the temples to separate the temple interior and the public. Only high priests could go behind the temple veils.

When Christ breathed his last breath, the temple veil tore in two and no longer separated the public from the interior. This symbolized that the church (the bride) now had access to God through Christ (the groom.)

The symbolism of this access is reinforced when the groom lifts the bride’s veil.

Feet Washing

Feet washing is another common Christian wedding tradition.

This event takes place during the ceremony inside the church. During this event, the bride and group take turns washing each other’s feet in a small basin of water. This tradition recounts the time when Jesus washed his disciples’ feet just days before he was killed.

This was Jesus’ way of telling his disciples that they should help and serve each other.

Washing each other’s feet is a symbol for brides and grooms to show devotion and humility. Some Christian couples will choose to recreate this ritual as a way to symbolize their wish to serve and help each other.

Wedding Rings

In Ancient Rome, grooms would present their brides with iron rings, Iron was considered a durable material that symbolized permanence and strength. Rings were placed on the left hand’s fourth finger because many believed that this finger had the vena amoris vein which led straight to the heart.

Some believe that the real meaning of wedding rings is found in their circular shape.

The ring represents an infinite loop of commitment. Brides and grooms can look upon their rings and remember that they will be together until death will separate them.


There are some marriage symbols and meanings found in today’s ceremonies that aren’t directly derived from Christian traditions. These wedding symbols, however still embody its teachings. One of these wedding symbols includes releasing doves.

Doves are included in the ceremony because they represent devotion. Doves court, mate and remain loyal to each other throughout their lives. Doves also represent peace which is a goal for every marriage as well.

Next Steps

Are you ready to incorporate Christian wedding traditions into your upcoming ceremony? If so, then you can start today.

Talk to your fiancee and ask them if they want to incorporate any of these Christian wedding traditions into your day. Be sensitive if they say “no.” The last thing you want to do is alienate your future life partner.

Talk to the staff at your wedding site. Ask them if they can accommodate less traditional wedding activities like feet washing. It’s best you gauge their flexibility with these requests beforehand so that your ceremony can run smoothly.

Don’t forget to check our website for more information on stress-free help with wedding planning. Your wedding should be a day to remember.

We want to help you make sure that it’s the best it can be.

Delight the Newlyweds! 8 Christian Wedding Gifts Sure to Please

christian wedding gifts

Did you know an average of 2.4 million weddings take place in the U.S. every year? Among that number, 33% take place in a religious institution such as a Christian Church.

Despite these statistics, marriage still stands as an important day for couples. In such moments, you might be hitting a dead end when thinking of wedding gift ideas.

Worry not as we have a few suggestions that you can choose and give to the newlyweds. Here are some suggestions for Christian wedding gifts that you can give at or before the wedding.

1. Marriage Takes Three

One of the wedding gift ideas that would be both thoughtful and insightful comes in the form of this beautiful silver tabletop figure. It’s one among many gifts inspired by the classic poem “Marriage Takes Three”. It inspires a lot of believers with its message of including God in your marriage.

Made with high-quality resin, it comes with a silver finish to give it this wonderful sheen. This makes the ornament look great on any tabletop or shelf.

It also comes with a solid pedestal base to keep it upright without issue. This works well as either a wedding gift or as a shower gift before the actual celebration.

2. The Cord of Three Strands

Another one that comes along the same concept and idea with the gift earlier is the Cord of Three Strands. This wedding gift works well when given before the actual celebration.

You can also have this incorporated in the ceremony. This way, it adds more weight in its sentimental value.

The Cord of Three Strands unity braid comes in a variety of colors. Each one representing the bride, the groom, and God. This symbolic gift works both as a memento of that wonderful day, as well as they promise sworn before God.

3. One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Wondering what other gifts you can give aside from tokens and keepsakes? You can also go with giving books and devotional guides as meaningful wedding gifts.

For instance, try the One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman. It’s an excellent choice to give as a gift.

This devotional sold over 250,000 copies, making it a bonafide best-seller. Working as a guide to go with daily devotionals, it helps couples both new and seasoned to look into how they would fare with exercising their love languages.

With this gift, you can make use of these love languages to uplift and help each other grow.

4. Love is Patient and Kind Throw Blanket

Having a visual reminder of what love is can be pretty handy in marriage. This wedding gift can take many forms, like how this one went for the throw blanket.

Measuring at 70 x 38.5 inches, this throw blanket holds a rustic look. It also has fine calligraphy as it points out the first few words on love, as seen in 1 Corinthians 13:4.

Not only that, but it also has a wide variety of uses. You can go with having it as either a piece of décor or tapestry. Or if the day feels chilly, you can use it as a blanket to bundle up with.

This might present great ways to exercise the definitions of love.

5. 100 Ways to Love your Husband/Wife

For our next entry in our list of Christian wedding gift ideas comes another book. In this case, it would be a pair of books with each covering one aspect of the topic.

100 Ways to Love holds fresh insight into marriage on both halves. It comes with practical ideas for loving each other well. It also helps in the pursuit of intimacy, kindness, friendship, and full appreciation of this newfound committed love.

This pair of books is a fitting gift for newlyweds. Better get them as a bundle to cover both fronts of marriage.

6. Pray Book Ends

How about another idea that goes well with a collection of books? For something decorative and also a tangible reminder for prayer, this set of bookends works well for the newlyweds.

Made with resin stoneware, the craftsmanship of the bookends show skilled work and handling. This becomes evident in the attention to detail given on those bookends.

Consider getting this as a gift not only to work as an addition to their trove but by also acting as a reminder to pray every single day.

7. 10 Ways to Love Bible Verse Frame

As gifts, picture frames work well in keeping memorable images on display in any part of your home. Now with this new chapter in a newlywed’s life, how about a frame that also speaks of love?

This is the exact train of thought that runs with this specific frame. Lining the wooden picture frame with wonderful verses that show the 10 ways to love. This frame works well as a great addition to the new home the newlyweds would establish.

Aside from knowing how to love each other, also check out these good reasons to read the Bible.

8. Kingdom Marriage

When it comes to meaningful wedding gifts, books are never out of fashion. Giving books that can aid the newlyweds with this new chapter in their lives shows how you value wisdom as much as love.

With this bestseller by Tony Evans, Kingdom Marriage holds a wide range of practical advice and insightful instructions perfect for couples.

You can pair this book with other great titles like Sacred Marriage, Love and Respect, and The Meaning of Marriage. They all work together to help newlyweds keep Christ in the family while also teaching how to work their differences and build their strengths as a couple.

Get the Best Christian Wedding Gifts Today!

Found interesting ideas for great Christian wedding gifts with our list? Don’t hesitate to give them a try!

These gifts show that you care and that you hold the couple accountable. Even in simple gestures, this moment of celebration is always with the couple and God.

Show your love and support through your gifts and your presence.

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How to Create Eye-Catching Christian Wedding Invitations

christian wedding invitations

You’ve found the love of your life and you’re thrilled to be marrying them in your church. You want your wedding to be one for the record books. Where do you start?

If you want your wedding to be a show-stopper, you want to set the tone of excellence from the start. This begins with beautiful Christian wedding invitations.

To make yours stand out from the crowd, try these ideas.

Ideas for Christian Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re going for budget-friendly DIY invitations or high-end professional ones, use these ideas to make them one-of-a-kind.

1. Mixed Materials

Who said an invitation has to be a single piece of cardstock? One of the best ways to grab a guest’s attention is by combining a variety of textures.

One popular choice is to have a sheer piece of paper on top of your cardstock invitation. The sheer sheet can be plain or it can have its own design. For instance, consider an image of a cross.

Another easy way to add texture to your invitation is with a ribbon. A ribbon tied in a bow can give your invitations a classy touch.

2. Show Off Your Theme

Every wedding should have a theme. Maybe it’s a well-rounded theme like a rustic wedding or it could be a simple color theme. Either way, it should reflect who you and your fiance are as a couple.

When you’ve chosen your theme, make sure your invitation fits in. For example, you might use a gingham ribbon on an invitation for a rustic wedding.

This serves a few purposes. First, it gives your guests a taste of what to expect at your wedding. Second, it makes for better wedding pictures. Your photographer can arrange your invitation with your flowers, table settings, or other decor.

3. Add a Bible Verse

If your Christian faith will play a strong role in your wedding, you want to highlight it on your invitations. What better way to do this than with a Bible verse?

Choose your favorite verse that coordinates with your wedding. Subjects like marriage, love, or unity offer plenty of choices.

Your verse could make a beautiful header at the top of your invitations. If you prefer, you can print it on a sheer piece of paper to add more texture and dimension.

4. Consider a Custom Font

Designing your own invitations and having trouble coming up with a font you like? It’s a difficult choice because your font needs to embody your style while being easy to read.

If you’re struggling, hire a calligrapher or artist. They can write out the wording you want in a customized font.

If you want a personal touch and you have the budget for it, your artist can hand-write that custom font on every invitation. This is pricey, though. You could turn their artwork into an image instead and put it into your design.

We have a few cautionary tips, though. First, if you have an ornate font, use it as an accent. Write your names in this font but put all the other information in clear, plain type.

Before you print your final invitations, make sure they’re readable. Hand them to someone who doesn’t know what they’re supposed to say and see how easy they are to read.

5. Coordinate Your Stationary

For most couples, you’ll use several types of stationary leading up to the wedding. On top of an invitation you may have a “save the date,” an RSVP card, a card with venue directions, and more.

Create a cohesive style by coordinating all these pieces together. They don’t have to be identical but they should have the same design elements and colors.

For instance, let’s say your invitations have a row of blue flowers on them. Add a small cluster of these flowers in the corner of your RSVP card and directions card.

6. Make It Picture Perfect

If you want your wedding invitation to look unique and personal, there’s nothing more personal than a photo of you.

A picture of you and your fiance will make your guests feel more connected to your wedding from the start. If you’re already planning to have an engagement photo session, this is a perfect way to use the photos.

How do you add a picture without making it overpower your text, though? There are a few options.

Try making your photo partially transparent and using it as the background for your invitation. Your text will appear on top of the photo.

You can use the “sheer paper on top of the invitation” trick too. Either put the photo on the cardstock with the wedding details on the sheer page or vice versa.

7. Less is More

The more text you have on your invitation, the more it will overpower your design. Stick with the essentials.

You don’t need to include all the details your guests need on the invitation. For information like the dress code and directions to your venue, use a modern couple’s best friend: a wedding website.

Make sure you include your wedding website’s URL on your invitation so guests know where to go. If you want to make sure they see it, set it up so that the only way for guests to RSVP is through your website.

You do have the option of including all this extra information on additional cards in your invitation envelope. However, this is more expensive and it’s less eco-friendly.

Starting Your Wedding on the Right Foot

Your wedding is an opportunity for you and your fiance to celebrate your marriage with all your most beloved friends and family members. As well as they know you, they don’t know what to expect from your wedding until your invitations arrive.

The design ideas above for Christian wedding invitations will let you put your faith forward and bring your loved ones into your special day.

If you want to coordinate your invitations with your wedding website, get started with Christan web hosting today.