6 Inspiring Ideas for Perfect Church Wedding Photos

wedding photos

Many believe that church weddings are on the decline.

However, Pippa Middleton’s recent marriage ceremony at St. Mark’s Church, as well as other church weddings around the globe, have once again piqued public interest in church weddings.

If you’ve decided to go with this beautiful and traditional option, you’ve likely given lots of thought to your wedding photos.

Read on to learn to learn 6 of our favourite church wedding photo ideas.

  1. Outside The Church

There’s just something so elegant about wedding photos outside of the church where you’ve been married.

Use the architecture, especially the doorways, to frame your shot perfectly. Take photographs before and after the ceremony.

  1. Before You Walk Down The Aisle

The moment before the doors open and you walk down the aisle is an incredible time. You’re feeling a mixture of emotions: happiness, anxiety, excitement, and awe.

Make sure your wedding photography includes a few shots of this special moment, especially with your father or members of the wedding party.

  1. In Front Of The Altar

The moment you say your vows is incredibly meaningful.

It likely also goes by in an instant! Ensure that your wedding photographer has captured multiple shots of your “I Do’s” so that, once the ceremony is over, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

It’s also a wonderful way to honor the look of the church’s altar, and especially the crucifix in the background. This shot serves as a perfect reminder that God is watching over you!

  1. The Church Interior

In all of the excitement of the day, it’s quite easy to forget to capture the interior of the church itself.

However, after the ceremony, you’ll want to have the time to really take in how the flowers looked, the church’s decor, and even the organ.

Ensure your photographer has captured the church’s interior from all angles.

  1. Your Guests

Ask your photographer to take shots of your guests from multiple angles, at a variety of points of the ceremony.

After all, you’ll be so busy staring into the eyes of your beloved that you won’t be able to catch the detailed reactions of your friends and family members.

Looking at these photos after the special day is a way to relive the experience in a new way.

  1. From the Balcony

Ensure that your wedding photography takes pictures from the church’s balcony, to capture as much in a single frame as possible.

You’ll be able to see the aisle, your guests, and of course, the bride and groom, all in one shot.

Plus, it’s nice to have an idea of what your day looked like from God’s view.

Use These Tips To Take Elegant Church Wedding Photos

Whether you’re the bride, the photographer, or a member of the clergy yourself, it’s important that everyone has the proper photos to commemorate this special day.

Looking for additional spiritual guidance? Need assistance selecting the perfect hymn or scripture verses to be read at your ceremony.

We’re here to help.

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5 Web-Design Tips to Fill Your Next Church Service

church service

America’s church attendance is at an all-time low. Dwindling congregations are troubling, but don’t give up on packing those pews just yet.

A few simple changes to your website can help you fill your next church service in no time!

Websites are the virtual representation of your church and its message. What kind of message are you sending with yours?

Keep reading to learn more about updating your church’s website.

How Does Web Design Relate to My Church Service?

Quality web design weds form and function to create an engaging, high-ranking site.

Not sure what we mean when we say “high-ranking?” Consider your last Google search. The companies you found near the top were optimized through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to appear first.

They scored highly on design, meaning their sites are user-friendly and look great.

As you make your service more easy to find through your website, you’ll, in turn, attract traffic that might never visited you otherwise.

Keep reading to learn how to optimize your church’s site to increase church service attendance.

  1. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

A well-organized website will convey your church’s message and purpose. In addition, clearly defined URL structures are critical to improving search engine rankings.

Search bots use URL structures to navigate sites. Well-organized sites provide bots with quicker answers, which boosts your search engine rankings.

  1. Keep Your Homepage Tidy

Your homepage is the first impression of your church, and a tidy page is a welcoming page.

People are a lot less likely to engage with your site if they find your homepage unappealing. Cluttered pages are overwhelming and unprofessional.

Focus on highlighting the most important information about your church on the home page.

  1. Write Great SEO Content

Compelling, optimized content is a guaranteed way to boost search engine rankings while connecting with other Christians online.

Search-optimized content boosts your rankings, and that helps people find and connect with your message more easily.

Think of the key terms and ideas you want to resonate with your church. Then, write regularly on these topics (via a blog or other forum) to help form that association.

  1. Make it Easy to Connect with Your Church

People need to know how to reach you, and they don’t want to have to search for it. Clearly displayed contact information is crucial.

One way to add a little dynamism to your contact page? Encourage people to come out to events with an updated calendar.

Or, add a Google Map to your website. This can help people more easily find your church or special event venue.

  1. Invest in Quality Graphics

Your website should be visually engaging. Generic stock-photos or clip-art won’t do the trick.

Invest in high-quality, professional images to really wow!

In addition, make sure you spend some money on an excellent webpage design. If your site looks dated, people might think your church is dated as well.

Fill Your Services: Hire a Web Designer

Running a church is hard work. That’s why it pays to leave your webpage in the competent hands of a professional web designer.

A web designer helps you quickly realize your vision and provides invaluable support. Contact us today to learn more about the web-related services we offer.

Spread the message of Christ, and optimize your website today!

6 Wedding Accessories for Your Elegant Church Wedding


wedding accessories

Getting married in a church is perfect for a religious ceremony. It’s also the ideal venue if you’re looking to save money.

But, transforming a church to fit the vision of your big day takes some planning. Some churches are already ornately decorated, and others have a more old-fashioned feel to them.

If you’re getting married in a church, there are wedding accessories you’ll want to have. Keep reading for 6 items that’ll complete the look for your elegant church wedding.

  1. Aisle Runner

Church flooring isn’t usually the nicest to look at. To avoid unsightly carpet ruining your big day, purchase an aisle runner.

Runners are a great way to finish off the look of the church. Online you’ll find all sorts of aisle runners that you can customize.

Consider adding you and your significant other’s initials to the runner. You can also add a design, such as lace or a floral look.

  1. Floral Decorations

One of the most important wedding accessories is flowers.

There are many options to use floral decor as a way to transform your church venue. One option is to use standing displays.

Standing floral displays are a great way to transform a drab backdrop. Standing displays can add height and drama to your wedding decor.

You can use these displays to line the walkway. Or use two of them to center the area where the bride and groom will stand.

Another option is to use flowers to decorate the pews.

Pews can be quite plain. The good news is that you can use flowers to bring a touch of elegance. Floral options include:

  • Small bouquets
  • Floral balls
  • Flowers and bow combination

To save money on floral decorations, you can shop at a floral supply store. Here you’ll find flowers at warehouse prices.

  1. Tulle

Tulle and weddings are perfect together. You can use tulle for all sorts of decorating purposes. From pew bows to draping to create a canopy effect, the options are endless.

White tulle is elegant and classic. Ivory is another color that is subtle yet noticeable.

  1. Candles

Candles are easy and inexpensive wedding accessories.

Before buying candles, make sure you understand the rules of the church. Some allow open flames while others don’t.

To minimize safety hazards, it’s easiest to use flameless candles. This way you get beautiful candlelight without the worry.

  1. Wedding Arch

You can buy or rent an arch. This will give your photographs an amazing focal point.

There’s nothing more elegant than standing under a beautiful arch as you become husband and wife.

There are endless decor options for an arch. You can decorate the arch using:

  • Tulle
  • Twinkle lights
  • Flowers or greenery
  • Silk drapes
  1. Outdoor Decor

One of the most striking pictures is of the bride making her way into the church. While decorating the inside of the church is important, outside decor is just as important.

Hang floral wreaths on the church doors. You can also decorate the handrails as well as the pathway leading up to the church.

Outside decorations ensure beauty in each of your wedding photographs.

Wedding Accessories: Wrap-up

With the right decor, you can turn any church into a beautifully elegant wedding venue.

But before you can decorate, you’ll need to first choose a church!

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